Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Eclipse Vampire, VARACOLACI,
In Turkey, this vampire may appear as either an average-looking person or as a giant eagle. In its human form it is known to drink boiled milk, wine, and vodka in addition to blood. As it approaches in its eagle form, the sky begins to grow dark and soon a full-blown thunderstorm complete with lightning and hail soon follows. During the storm the ala will swoop down and eat all of the grapes off the vine from vineyards. In either of its forms, the ala causes violent storms that ruin crops. Fortunately for the farmers, an ala can be slain by shooting it with shotguns that have been loaded with rounds filled with equal parts of gold, lead, silver, and steel.
According to Greek and Serbian lore, an ala is a creature that eats the sun and moon (see GREEK VAMPIRES).
Source: Royal Anthropological Institute, Indian Antiquary, 86

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