Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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(Ah-LOU-ca A)
Originally, 'Alukah A was a specific demon from ancient Babylonian lore that was absorbed into Hasidic lore. (See ANCIENT BABYLONIAN AND ASSYRIAN VAMPIRES.) There, she became a SUCCUBUS and the mother of two demon daughters—Deber (pestilence) and Keeb (smiter), the siblings who cry "Give" in the Book of Proverbs. Her name, 'Alukah A, closely resembles the Arabic word for horseleech, AULAK. She is accredited as being the demon that tormented Saul.
The only way to protect oneself from her attack is through God's intervention, which can be evoked through the psalm "Shir shel Pega'im." In fact, the only way for 'Alukah Ato be destroyed should she appear in our realm is by God smiting her through a supernatural means of His choosing.
Source: Graves, White Goddess, 448; Masters, Eros and Evil, 181; Phillips, Exploring Proverbs, 557, 559

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