Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Nachttoter, Nachtzer, NACHZEHRER, NEUNT?TER
This is a GERMAN VAMPIRE and the literal translation of its name means "avid chewer." One of the earlier reports of this vampire came from Minister George R?hrer in a series of reports sent to the theologian Martin Luther.
The begierig can be created in one of three rather eclectic ways: by being born with a caul, by drowning, or by being buried in clothes that have one's name sewn into them.
Although this vampire is blamed for tying cows' tails together, it actually never leaves its grave. The begierig lies in its grave with its left eye open, chewing on its burial shroud. When its shroud is consumed, it begins to gnaw on its own body, all the while making piglike grunting noises. Every night the begierig uses its psychic powers to drain away the energy, both physical and emotional, from its family members (see ENERGY VAMPIRE). GARLIC, if heavily consumed by the family, is a known repellant but not a permanent fix to their problem.
The begierig is a known plague carrier and its body is covered with open sores, so one has to be especially careful when exhuming the body. Some object must be placed in its mouth to keep it from its incessant chewing, such as a stone or a coin. Another method is to tie the mouth closed with clean white linen. As is the case with so many species of vampires, beheading it and burning the body down to ash will destroy it.
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