Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Cabales
This is a vampiric being of the astral plane that preys on other astral beings, the occasional human passing through the astral plane, and sexually driven mediums (see ASTRAL VAMPIRE). The caballi, similar to the INCUBUS and SUCCUBUS, seeks out those who share its passion for satisfying its voracious needs, latching on to those humans and utilizing their bodies during sexual activity.
These beings are created when a man dies before it is his natural time to do so. His soul travels to the astral plane, retaining its intellect and a desire to do nothing more that interact with the world again. For this purpose a caballi will possess a psychic medium so that for a little while at least it will have some sense of sensation. Fortunately, the caballi in this instance will only remain as such until the day arrives that it would have died naturally.
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