Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Catacani, Catakano, Kathakano, "The Happy Vampire"
On the Greek isles of Crete and Rhodes thereis a vampiric REVENANT that smiles all the time, showing off its teeth. It is known as the catacano (see GREEK VAMPIRES). Strong and fast, it is able to instill trust in its human prey, making it arrogant by nature. The catacano has a singularly unique way of creating more of its own kind—it spits regurgitated blood on people. Should this sticky and burning discharge hit the intended target, that person will become a vampire.
The catacano can be killed in a number ofways: decapitating and boiling its head in vinegar, trapping it and isolating it behind saltwater (see SALT), or by burning its nails off.
Source: Haining, Dictionary of Vampires, 50; Volta, The Vampire, 150

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