Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: ALVANTIN, CHUREL, Jakhai, Jakhin, Mukhai, Nagulai
In India when a woman dies in an unnatural way, such as in childbirth or by suicide, she may return as a vampiric REVENANT known as a chedipe. Riding upon a tiger at night, the chedipe selects a home and places all of the inhabitants within into a deep sleep. Then it drains the blood from all the men by biting a hole in their big toes. The chedipe, whose name means "prostitute," is associated with a discriminated caste of people known as the devadasi, those who work in the sex industry.
Source: Crooke, Religion and Folklore, 194; Duprae, The Vampires, 61; Riccardo, Liquid Dreams of Vampires, 51; Thurston, Omens and Superstitions, 261­62

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