Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: The Animal, The Apparatus, The Beast from the Sky, The Bug, Chupa, Chupa Sanguine, Disco Voador ("Flying Saucer"), The Fire, The Light, The Machine, The Thing, Vampire in the Sky, Vampire UFO
In South and Central America, often accompanying reports of CHUPACABRA sightings, are witnesses claiming to have seen red beams of light coming from the sky and targeting a person's chest. These lights are commonly referred to as chupachupa, Brazilian for "suck-suck." Once the lights have locked on, they begin to burn and boil away a "significant" amount of blood. Victims, both animal and human alike, are left feeling numb and weak, running a low-grade fever, and suffering from lingering headaches. Also, there are the telling burn marks that are seared onto their chests. Oftentimes, these burns will have three small puncture marks within them that form a triangle.
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