Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Khandro
The Dakin of Tibet are a race of demonicvampire attendants to the goddess KALI. Their name, Dakin, has been translated by different sources to mean different things depending on the role they are fulfilling. Common translations are "celestial woman," "cloud fairy," "sky dancer," and "space-goer."
Although the Dakin have shape-changing abilities and may look like virtually anything they need to, they prefer to take on the guise of a human female, as they enjoy when they are called upon to partake in tantric sex. Dakin, similar to the SUCCUBUS, are known to fall in love with human men, making for a dangerous situation, as not only do the creatures feed on human flesh and blood, they are normally highly unpredictable. Their typical duty is to carry the souls of the deceased into the sky, and there are many stories of them in the Buddha's former lives.
Many of the New Age religions would have one believe that the Dakin is more like an angelic being, made of pure spiritual energy and not associated with any one particular god or goddess.
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