Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Deamhain Fhola, DEAMHAN FOLA, Dearg-Dililat, Dearg-Diulai, Dearg-dul, Dearg Dulai, Derrick-Dally, Headless Coach ("Coach a Bower"), Marbh Bheo ("night walking dead")
The dearg-due is a type of vampiric REVENANT from Ireland that has been feared since the days before the introduction of Christianity. These ancient creatures are described as looking like a beautiful yet pale woman who can be seen strolling aimlessly through graveyards at night. It uses its beauty to lure men to it and then kisses them on the mouth. When it does so, it drains them of their blood.
To stop a dearg-due from continued assaults,its grave must be found and a cairn erected on top of it, trapping it beneath. Ireland's most famous dearg-due is said to be buried beneath a strongbow tree. About four times a year it is able to escape from its grave and feed.
Source: Jones, On the Nightmare, 123; Mac Harris, Folklore and the Fantastic, 135; Stuart, Stage Blood, 15

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