Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Brier Hip, Brier Rose, Dog Berry,
Eglantine, Gall, Hep Tree, Hip Fruit, Hogseed, Hop Fruit, "The Queen of Flowers," Rose Hip, Sweet Brier, Wild Brier, Witches' Brier
The dogrose shrub, found commonly in Europe and across Asia, is a bushy plant with small white or pink flowers and thorny branches. The folklore in these regions has woven this plentiful plant into their vampiric lore. Dogrose petals can be collected and thrown at a vampire, as the monster will then be mystically compelled to stop what it is doing and count the blooms. The petals are oftentimes strung together to make long garlands that are then wrapped around a COFFIN to mystically chain it shut, trapping the vampire within. A dogrose plant placed on top of a vampire's grave will keep it from rising.
Source: Bostock, Natural History of Pliny, vol. 6, 84; Gypsy Lore Society, Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society, 27; Hughes, Celtic Plant Magic, 63­64; Perkowski, Vampires of the Slavs, 176

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