Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Drujes
There is a Persian belief that if a person dies while harboring a great rage, or while seeking revenge, or was otherwise simply an evil person, they will remain an earthbound, vampiric spirit called a drujas. These beings live in colonies in dark places and have no other goal or purpose beyond causing physical pain, committing acts of depravity, and being the catalyst that causes the complete ruin of a man.
Drujas are similar to the SUCCUBUS and are typically described as beautiful women with insatiable lust, and, using their powers of corruption and deceitfulness, take pleasure in witnessing crime and corruption. The only way to save oneself from the attack of the drujas is to first realize that one is being attacked. Then, the victim must call out to God to help empower him to resist its temptation. There are 45 different passages that mention the drujas in the Zoroastrian text, The Avesta. The drujas are also mentioned in the Old Testament's Book of Judgment, chapter 1, verse 9: "And thou shalt suffer evil spirits and all manner of drujas, and vampires, and engrafters, to come, and manifest unto mortals, that they may know, whereof My revelations unfold the matters of earth and heaven."
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