Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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In Spain, there is a type of vampiric fay called a duendes that looks like a middle-aged woman, small and slight of build, wearing GREEN robes. Occasionally it will appear as a young girl on the brink of womanhood wearing a showy suit of red and GREEN topped off with a straw hat. In either case, it will have fingers made of icicles.
A seductress and corruptor of men, the duendes will use its persuasive powers to overcome and dissuade all concerns its victim may have about enjoying a quick indiscretion with it. It takes a certain sadistic delight in making a man break his wedding vows or a vow or chastity, but the highest achievement it can obtain is to successfully seduce a man while in its childlike form. Duendes are angry at mankind because they so desperately wish to be human themselves, but fortunately, there is only a handful left.
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