Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: EV, Pranic Vampire, P-Vampires,
Psy-Vampires, Psychic Vampire (PV)
Both modern-day psychologists and self-help gurus have each subscribed to the idea of the existence of energy vampires, or EVs as they are often called. However, after that, their opinions on accounts, appearance, descriptions, and details tend to vary widely.
Essentially an EV is a being, human or super-natural, that feeds on the energy of another living being. This action can be accidental, conscious, willful, or uncontrollable. Many people inter-change psychic vampire with energy vampires, but they are in fact two different beings. A psychic vampire is a vampire who has one or more psychic abilities, such as telekinesis or telepathy. A psi-vampire is an energy vampire, a vampire that feeds off the biophysical energy of living beings.
Energy vampire is a very broad term. EVs need to feed off the energy they collect in order to survive, whether they are aware of it or not. The word vampire is used because historically it was well documented that they could drain the life and sexual energy from their victims. With no other being capable of such a method of feeding, it was most likely deemed appropriate when the terminology was developed.
Typically vampires drain life-energy or sexual energy, but that is not the only type of energy that can be tapped into. Depending on the type of EV, virtually any sort of energy can be drained: creative energy, fear, happiness, rage, suffering—any emotion that can be named.
The being drained of the energy is not necessarily a victim so much as a vessel, as there are cases where the exchange is a mutual and even a pleasurable experience. No matter how the energy transfer is made, the person who experiences the energy loss will feel tired and empty of the specific type of energy or emotion that was drained. If allowed time to recuperate, the person should be able to make a full recovery.
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