Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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The estrie is from the lore from the medieval era. Considered a vampiric demon or vampiric spirit, the estrie is a non corporeal mass of evil that can assume human female form. It will take up residence in a community to ensure a constant supply of blood. At night the estrie will engage in sexual activity, draining its victim dry of blood. As long as it continues to eat human flesh and drink human blood, it will be able to maintain human form.
If the estrie should ever become injured or seen in its true form by a human, it must eat some of that person's bread and SALT or it will lose its abilities and be rendered helpless. Eating bread and SALT will also heal any damage that its form has taken.
Should a woman ever be suspected of being an estrie, when she dies, her mouth must be filled with dirt, as this will prevent her from rising from her grave.
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