Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Fair-Gortha, Fairy Grass, F?ar Gortach, F?d Gortach, Foidin Mearuil ("Stray Sod"), Grave Grass
In Ireland there are patches of earth that have vampiric tendencies. Known as fear gortagh ("hungry grass"), it is the spot where a person has died from starvation. Looking like the grass all around it, there is nothing to give it away for what it is until another person happens to walk upon it—suddenly he will find that he has become very hungry. Retreating from the spot will not reverse the effects, as the fear gortagh has already begun the process of eating away at his life-energy. In order to save himself, the victim must quickly eat and drink something or he will succumb to hunger pains and die (see ENERGY VAMPIRE).
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