Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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In New Guinea and the islands off the coast of northern Australia, there is a vampiric ghost known as a forso. An ENERGY VAMPIRE, the forso feeds off the emotions, life energy, and sexual energies of its victims, in addition to cursing them with bad luck and depression. Intangible and in-visible, the for so seldom travels far from its gravesite but will take advantage of any opportunity to attack anyone who comes close to its grave. Charms and prayers can be used to ward off its attack but only if in life the forso was an immoral yet religious individual. Papuans consider the forso a being to be pitied, a lonely soul looking for attention. Therefore when a forso is discovered, its burial mound is located and its bones exhumed and taken into a family's home. By adopting the forso and making it feel welcome, it no longer feels the need to feed off or curse people.
Source: Frazer, Belief in Immortality, 152, 164, 174, 451; Maberry, Vampire Universe, 121

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