Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Chang Kuei, Chiang-Shih, Kiang-Shi, Kuang-Shii, Xianh-Shi
As far back as 600 B. C. there are records of a vampiric demon called the giang shi. Taking possession of the new corpse of a person who died a violent death or committed suicide, it leaps up out of the grave, attacking travelers.
The giang shi is described as having two different forms. The first is that of a tall corpse with GREEN or white HAIR. It has red eyes, serrated teeth, and long claws on its fingertips. Its other form passes for human until it does something to give itself away, such as obviously retreating from GARLIC or shape-shifting into a wolf.
The breath of the giang shi is so foul that it will literally send a man staggering back a full 20 feet. If it is successful enough to mature, as told by when its HAIR is long and white, it will develop the ability to fly. Once it has achieved maturity, only the sound of an extremely loud thunderclap can destroy it.
Since there is no way to prevent a giang shi from possessing a corpse, destruction is the only option. The vampire cannot cross running water, and during moonlit nights, it can be trapped in a circle made of rice. Once captured, it must be reburied and given proper burial rites.
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