Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Gierrach, Girrach, Givach, Stryz
In what is now northern Poland, the gierach isvery similar to the VIESCZY of Russia. AREVENANT with long teeth and red eyes, it smells like death and decay. Hunting between noon and midnight, the gierach is easily distracted and confused fairly easily.
To prevent a gierach from rising from its grave,place fishing net over its COFFIN. The vampire will busy itself trying to untie all of the knots. Another method is to put poppy seeds into its grave, as the gierach will be compelled to count them, but will eventually drift off to sleep before it finishes. When it awakes, it will start over. Even a simple sock placed in the grave will occupy its attention. The gierach will not leave the grave as long as the sock is intact, but it will not undo more than a single stitch a year.
Preventing a gierach from rising is a safer method than trying to destroy one. As with many vampires, it can only be destroyed if burned to ash, but with a gierach one must be very careful. Every single piece of the vampire must be completely destroyed. If so much as one bit survives the fire, the gierach will return, focused and vengeful.
Source: Aristotle, Aristotle's History of Animals, 45; Barber, Vampires, Burial and Death, 151; Maberry, Vampire Universe, 138

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