Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Elle Maid, Glaistg, Gruagachs,Oinop?l? ("She with an ass's leg"), ONOSC?LES
One of the vampiric fay, the glaistig of Scotland is a member of the Tuathan race. Always female, the glaistig is usually a benign water spirit, although it is known for having an erratic and somewhat unpredictable personality. Often seen wearing a long GREEN dress that hides its goat-like legs, it waits patiently for a man to come too close to the water it jealously protects. For the most part, the glaistig only attacks men, as it tends to act as a protector of cattle, children, and pregnant women. It shape-shifts into a beautiful, gray-faced maiden (the word glaistig means "gray") and pretends to be drowning, calling out for help. When the man comes to its rescue, the vampire turns and attacks, drowning him as it drains him of his blood and life-energy (see ENERGY VAMPIRE). Like all fay, it has an aversion to iron, and if the man has the presence of mind to defend himself with an iron knife, he may be able to escape. Glaistig will sometimes "adopt" a person and decide to protect her in the area that it has claimed as its own. When this mortal eventually dies, the mournful cry of the glaistig can be heard for miles.
Vampires that are similar to the glaistig are LA
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