Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Gnod Sbyin Mo, Gnodsbyin, Yaksha
The gnod-sbyin of Tibet preys exclusively onpeople who live a holy or spiritual life. Its name, gnod-sbyin, translates literally to mean "doer of harm," and this demonic, vampiric spirit does everything it can to live up to its name. Apart from its immense strength and its ability to cause and spread disease on an epidemic scale, it has a wide array of unspecified supernatural powers at its disposal. It has INCUBUS-and SUCCUBUS-like behaviors that it indulges in whenever the opportunity presents itself. Although it takes great pleasure in the hurt it causes people, it delights in making noises that disrupt the meditation of the monks and nuns, but it should be noted that its silence can be purchased with the regular offerings of proper sacrifices. Described as having black skin, the gnod-sbyin is usually found living in difficult to reach and isolated places in the mountains.
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