Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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It has long been believed that people with red hair are, after their death, highly susceptible to rising from the grave as a vampiric REVENANT; more so if in addition to having red hair, their eyes are either hazel or blue. Having red hair is also considered to be a mark of a werewolf. These are ancient beliefs dating as far back as ancient Greece but became more popular with the onset of Christianity. Early editions of the Bible described Judas Iscariot as being a redhead. Austria, Finland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine, and the lore of the Gypsies all have this idea tied in with some, if not all, of their national vampiric species.
Source: Broster, Amagqirha, 60; Day, Vampires, 50; Paglia, Sexual Personae, 339

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