Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Buddhist text tells tales of a vampiric REVENANT with large, blood-filled eyes and thick fingernails called a jikininki ("corpse-eater demon"). Created when a greedy, materialistic, and selfish priest dies, it returns and scavenges in the night for human corpses to feed upon, keeping any valuables it may find for itself at night. By day, a jikininki lives what would pass as a normal life. Jikininki hate themselves for what they have become, the lowest-ranked creature in its religious order of being. By making offerings to its spirit, the jikininki can be convinced to gather up its found treasures and seek out a brave warrior to kill it in battle.
Source: Bush, Asian Horror Encyclopedia, 88; Chopra, Dictionary of Mythology, 155; Hearn, Kwaidan, 72

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