Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Katakhan?des, Katalkanas, Katalkan?s
On the mountainous Greek island of Cretethere is a vampiric demonic spirit called a katakhana; its very name means vampire (see GREEK VAMPIRES). It is created when an evil person or someone who has been excommunicated by the church dies. After burial, a demonic spirit inhabits the body and for the next 40 days is able to occupy the corpse and use it to attack islanders.
Although it can be frightened off by gunfire,the katakhana must be found, decapitated, and the head boiled in vinegar as quickly as possible. After 40 days, the vampire is otherwise indestructible.
Source: Belanger, Sacred Hunger, 21; Neale, History of the Holy Eastern Church, 1021; Rodd, Customs and Lore, 1 97; Summers, Vampire in Europe, 268

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