Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Ki-sikil-lil-la-ke, Ki-sikil-ud-da-ka-ra ("the maiden who is as the light"), LILITH
In ancient Sumeria Kiskil-Lilla was a female,vampiric demon of the night. She is mentioned in the prologue to the Epic of Gilgamesh. Her name, Kiskil-Lilla, translates to mean "Lila's maiden," as in the "beloved companion of Lila." Gilgamesh's father, Lila (or Lillu, sources conflict), was said to have been an INCUBUS and was known for assaulting women as they slept.
Source: Gray, The Mythology of All Races, 362; Lurker, Dictionary of Gods and Goddesses, 192, 208; Rose, Spirits, Fairies, Gnomes, 181

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