Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Orko, Prikosac
In Croatia, when a member of the community returns to unlife, its face red and with an elastic body, it is called a kosac. By day it lies helplessly in its grave. However, at night the vampiric REVENANT returns to its former hometown, knocking on doors, and drinking the blood of anyone who answers; it is especially interested in attacking its former spouse. Victims remember only falling into a deep sleep and awakening feeling tired and drained of energy (see ENERGY VAMPIRE). Kosacs can also spread a mysterious and fatal disease. Although it is impervious to being staked, it can be destroyed by beheading.
Croatia was the site of the first "modern-day vampire epidemic." In 1672 it was reported that Giure Grando of Khring, located on the Istrian Peninsula, returned to unlife and was responsible for causing many deaths.
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