Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Kuzlak, Orko, Ukodlak
In the Dalmatian region of Croatia, the kozlak is the vampiric spirit of a child who was weaned before its time and then died. When it returns to unlife, it acts much like a poltergeist, breaking dishes and throwing pots and pans. It can also shape-shift into a bat or a small carrion animal so that it can attack livestock, draining the animals of some blood (it can assume a solid yet nondescript form as well). While in this physical state, the kozlak can be hypnotized with a branch of HAWTHORN, and once it has been lulled into a trancelike state, it can be stabbed through the heart with a stake made of
HAWTHORN or a ritualistically blessed dagger. It is best if a Franciscan monk performs the destruction.
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