Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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A vampiric creature and REVENANT from Japanese lore, the krappa is created when a woman dies in childbirth. When the creature returns, it looks just like a normal woman until it separates its head from its body and flies out, dangling entrails, in search of its favorite prey—children and women in labor. As it flies, it drips a toxic bile that, if comes in contact with human flesh, will cause blisters and infectious open sores. The krappa hates children and takes great delight in terrorizing them as it feeds. It has a long, serpentine tongue that it inserts into the child's anus and drains their blood from inside their body.
The krappa usually hunts by night when it is impervious to attack, but it can hunt during the day if it chooses. There is only one way to destroy the vampire. First it must be discovered who the vampire is. Then, one must wait until such a time comes that the head goes off hunting during the day. While the head is detached, the body must be discovered and destroyed. When the head returns, there will be nothing left for it to reattach to and it will die.
Source: Dorson, Folk Legends of Japan

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