Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variation: Crusnik, Kresnik
In Slovenia when a child is born with a clear or white caul, the child is destined to be a protector of his people with shamanlike abilities, a vampire hunter called a krsnik ("protector of the clan"). Although he can combat any type of vampire, he specializes in the slaying of two specific types of vampires: the KUDLAC and the VUKODLAK. The krsnik has the ability to shape-shift into a white or multicolored boar, bull, dog, or horse in order to combat the vampire, as it will also have the ability to shape-shift into the form of a solid black animal. Other natural-born vampire hunters are the DHAMPIRE, dhampiresa, DJADADJII, LAMPIJEROVIC, VAMPIJEROVIC, and the VAMPIRDZHIJA.
Source: Bunson, Vampire Encyclopedia, 146; Oinas, Essays on Russian Folklore, 116; Perkowski, The Darkling, 31

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