Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Kukuthi, LUGAT
This vampiric REVENANT from Albania begins its life cycle as a type of vampire known as a lugat. Some accounts say that it takes a mere 30 days for it to develop into its adult form, although 40 days is the most frequently cited amount, and there are a scant few sources that claim it takes 40 years. No matter the actual length of time it takes for the lugat to mature into a kukudhi, when it does it can pass for a human being. Usually the vampire takes on the guise of a merchant so that it can always be on the move. While this seems to be a practical means of self-preservation, the kukudhi is in fact compelled by its wanderlust. Truth be told, the kukudhi seldom needs to feed, and when it does, it takes a very small amount of blood from its victim. In almost every case it leaves the person alive and with a brief recovery period, he will be back to full health, able to return to his normal activities.
Kukudhi can be a vicious combatant and it is well advised not to provoke one into a physical confrontation. Under normal circumstances the kukudhi is invulnerable to any sort of attack unless it is facing a wolf, its only natural enemy. Wolves hate kukudhi, as well as the other species of Albanian vampires. Luckily for mankind, they are the only thing that can damage or destroy one. If a kukudhi should manage to escape wolf attack, it will retreat to a grave and if so much as a single limb is destroyed, the vampire will never rise again.
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