Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Lajables
There is a vampiric spirit that exists in thefolklore of France, and Trinidad and Tobago that tells of a beautiful vampiric woman wearing a large hat and carrying a fan. Known as La Diablesse ("Devil Woman"), it roams the quiet roads in the form of a woman wearing a long billowing dress to hide her one leg that ends in a cloven hoof.
Any man that La Diablesse meets, it will attempt to charm and lure off the path with sweet promises of a discrete indiscretion. If it succeeds, it will drain the man dry of his blood, leaving his nude body to be found up in a tree or atop a grave in a cemetery. More modern tellings of this vampire say it no longer is content to wander down seldom-used roads but rather has learned that it can slip relatively unnoticed into local celebrations to hunt for men.
Vampires that are very similar to La Diablesseare the LANGSUIR, LEANHAUM-SHEE, MATI-ANAK, ONOSC?LES, PONTIANAK, SKOGSFRU, VELES and the WHITE LADIES.
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