Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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In Germany, the m?rt is a variation of the vampire known more commonly as the ALP (see GERMAN VAMPIRE). A vampiric spirit similar to a SUCCUBUS, at night it hunts for a man who has fallen asleep in a fetal position. Once he has, the m?rt sits upon his chest, rendering him completely immobile. Then, it mounts him in a sexual fashion and drains away his life-energy and some blood (see ENERGY VAMPIRE).
The approach of a m?rt sounds like a mousegnawing on something, and if the man is wearing a glove that was inherited, he will be able to grab and hold the m?rt before it attacks.
Source: Senn, Werewolf and Vampire in Romania, 42; Sha, Occultism, 225; Summers, Vampire in Lore and Legend, 49

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