Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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(MANTI-A H-nac)
Variation: Mati ?nak, Mantianak, PON-TIANAK
A vampiric spirit from Malaysia, the mati-anak ("child dead") is created when a child is still-born or dies at birth. It has the ability to shape-shift into an owl, the form which it will use when hunting down unsuspecting animals and people to prey upon for their blood. To prevent the spirit of a stillborn child from rising as a mati-anak, it must be buried facedown in its grave. Glass beads must be placed in the mouth, a hen's egg in each armpit, and pins pierced through its palms of its hands.
Source: Benedict, Study of Bagobo Magic and Myth, 270; Clifford, In Court and Kampong, 231; Masters, Natural History of the Vampire, 60; Skeat, Malay Magic, 328

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