Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Corta-Cuellos ("Throat-Cutters"), KHARISIRI, LIK'ICHIRI, PISHTACO
In Peru there is a vampire known as a ?akaq ("butcher of animals") that is described as looking like a tall white man that hunts women, mostly at night in the countryside. First, the ?akaq abducts and rapes her, and then it cuts off her body fat to both personally consume and to sell to white businessmen so that they may use it as a lubricant for their factory's machinery or in the production of cosmetics. Although the victim will be able to remember the incident, there will be no trace of physical evidence, especially where the ?akaq cut into her body.
Source: Benson, Ritual Sacrifice in Ancient Peru, 159; Meyerson, Tambo, 154; Wachtel, Gods and Vampires, 52, 72, 74, 77­83

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