Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Neutoter
The neunt?ter is a vampiric REVENANT from German vampire lore (see GERMAN VAMPIRES). Its name, neunt?ter, means "nine killer," as it takes nine days for the vampire to fully transform once it has been placed in its grave. When it does rise, it is covered with open sores and smells like excrement. It is also a plague carrier. People who were born with teeth or an actual spoon in their mouths are heavily predisposed to becoming neunt?ters upon their deaths. To ensure that a person lies in rest for all time, the spoon that was in his mouth at birth must be burned to ash and then fed to the child. If this is not done, then after death, the head must be removed from the body between the hours of 11 P. M. and midnight; additionally a lemon must be placed in the mouth before the body is interred.
Source: Bunson, Vampire Encyclopedia, 188; Haining, Dictionary of Vampires, 180; Ronay, Truth about Drac-ula, 23

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