Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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(PA-coo PA-tee)
Variation: Lords of Herds, Masters of Human Cattle, MMBYU, Pacupati, PISACHA
A race of vampiric REVENANTs from India, the pacu pati ("masters of the herd") are GHOUL-like beings that consume human flesh. Created through the vices of men and living mostly in cemeteries and places where executions are held, the pacu pati are evil and unfriendly, attacking their victims by possessing them and animating the corpses. Although they are well known to be mischief makers, as they are oftentimes referred to as being the Lords of Mischief Making, the pacu pati can occasionally be enticed to cure people of disease.
Source: Clothey, Many Faces of Murukan, 92­94; Cuppiramaniyan, Philosophical Heritage of the Tamils, 1 6 ­17; Forlong, Faiths of Man, 401

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