Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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A vampiric REVENANT from Romania, a pricolic is created when a child dies before it was baptized; however, if a person intentionally burns a porridge spoon or sweeps dust from the home out a doorway and into the setting sun, then when he dies, he will join the pricolici (as they are collectively called).
Upon rising from the dead, a pricolic will attack members of its family before moving on to other victims. If a person is suspected of being this type of vampire, his body must be exhumed. If the corpse is found to be facedown in its grave and blood is on its lips, then the person is a vampire. There is no known way to destroy this vampire, but there is a method that will prevent it from continuing to kill people. Some of the blood must be taken from the vampire's lips and administered to the remaining family members, thus preventing the pricolic from attacking them.
Source: Melton, The Vampire Book

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