Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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There is a VAMPIRIC WITCH in India that is called a ralaratri ("black night"). Accompanied by cats, one of which is her familiar, she is described as having eyebrows that have grown together, full lips, large cheeks, and suspiciously large and predominant teeth. Beyond having her own type of witchcraft, the ralaratri has an array of abilities, including controlling storms, prophesying, potion brewing, and shape-shifting into a tiger. It is usually in her tiger form that the ralaratri will hunt for humans to kill, but she will revert to her human self to eat their flesh.
The ralaratri in tiger form is notoriously difficult, as well as dangerous, to kill. It is suggested that the better route would be to follow or track the tiger back to the ralaratri's home and wait until she has assumed her human form. Then, before she can cast her magic or shape-shift again, her teeth must be smashed in, as this will remove her powers. Once stripped of her magic and abilities, the ralaratri is completely helpless and can be killed by any method that would kill a human.
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