Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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The word ride, when used in context of a vampiric attack, refers to a specific type of sexual assault on a victim. There are numerous species of vampires that utilize this method of assault, many of which are energy vampires, and the best known is perhaps the ALP of German lore (see GERMAN VAMPIRES).
To commit an act of riding, a vampire typically seeks out a person who is asleep. Upon entering the room, the vampire usually induces a form of sleep paralysis, rendering the victim unable to move or speak but otherwise fully aware of his surroundings. By either sitting upon his chest or straddling the victim, the vampire then causes some varying amount of pressure to the person's body. From this position the vampire may engage in some level of sexual activity with its prey, and this is done for a variety of reasons, be it attempting to cause a nocturnal emission, steal semen, or impregnate a woman. What the vampire is doing, in essence, is creating energy, sexual in this case, that it feeds off of in addition to any other activities it may be involved in. It is not uncommon for a vampire, after it has consumed its required need for sexual energy, to then attack its prey, draining him of some to all of his blood.
It should be noted that although the a mount of pressure the vampire uses upon its prey may be great enough to kill in some cases, the act of riding is not about crushing a person to death but rather absorbing his vital energy and essences (such as sexual energy and related bodily fluids) (see ENERGY VAMPIRE).
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