Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: S?bota ("Saturday"), V?perar
From the Balkans comes a type of LIVING VAMPIRE known as a s?botnik ("one born on a Saturday"). This individual, typically male, is marked by his community as a quasi-supernatural being who can see and identify vampires, demons, diseases, and magicians, as well as interpret dreams. Socially the s?botnik is considered an outsider in his own community, but he is still obligated to perform his services. Although a woman may be born on a Saturday and thereby inherit the title of s?botnik, she seldom has the actual ability of seeing vampires, let alone the ability to destroy them. S?botniks specialize in killing a type of vampire known as a VRKOLAK by using a gun or a knife. Like the VAMPIRD ? IA, the s?botnik is very well paid for his services, either with actual money or with gifts.
Interestingly, dogs that are born on a Saturday are also considered to be s?botnik. This is not because anyone believes that they were sired by a vampire but rather because they were born on Saturday, the Jewish holy day, rather than on Sunday, the Christian Sabbath. These dogs, like their human counterpart, are able to detect vampires and diseased individuals. The best s?botnik dogs have four eyes, particularly pronounced eyebrows, or are large and solid black. Whenever possible, one of these dogs is used as a familiar by a vampird?ia. In extreme cases a s?botnik dog may be buried with the body of a vampire that has otherwise been especially difficult to kill.
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