Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Zbur?tor, ZBURATOR
In Romanian vampiric lore there is a vampiric creature called a sburator ("flying man"), which is essentially a variation of an INCUBUS. Described as being an extremely handsome man, the sburator is virtually custom made for the victim, making it the perfect lover. Once every seven years, at night, it attacks the woman, slipping into her home through an open window. While she is asleep, it kisses her so gently that she may not even wake up. The next day, the woman awakes feeling drained of energy, her body throbbing with pain, and she is easily agitated (see ENERGY VAMPIRE). Once a woman has had an encounter with a sburator, she is not interested in other men.
Source: Florescu, The Complete Dracula, 374; Senn, Werewolf and Vampire in Romania, 44; Stratilesco, From Carpathian to Pindus, 175

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