Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Mazikeen, Shaytan, Shedeem, Shedim, Shehireem, Sheytan
Shaitans ("to be born violent") are vampiric beings from Arabic and Rabbinic lore, but from that lore, their pedigree is varied. Some claim that the shaitans are the male children that were born to LILITH and her demon husband, Sammael; their female counterparts are called LILIM. Other sources say that the nomenclature of shaitans also includes the children born from LILITH and her first husband, Adam. Still other sources claim that the shaitans are the children fathered by Adam during the 130 years of separation from Eve.
Regardless of their parentage, the shaitans live in deserted places and are described as being winged men with talon feet. They have the ability of divination, flight, invisibility, and shape-shifting, and are skilled magic users as well.
Source: Davidson, Dictionary of Angels, 270; Lewis, Satanism Today, 247; Messadi?, History of the Devil, 300

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