Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: The 13 Rules of the Community
The Black Veil is a sort of ethical code that can aid the moral compass of those who choose to live the vampiric lifestyle. It was originally written by Father Sebastian Todd for the Sanguinarian crowd and appeared in the 1998­99 edition of the Vampyre Almanac. It read as follows: "The central philosophy of the `Black Veil' revolves around (1) hospitality (2) unity of the family (3) prevention of negative media exploitation and fundamentalist attacks (4) maintaining the mystique of the VAMPYRE aesthetic (5) inspiring chivalry and honor."
There are some people who feel that the Black Veil is a strict code that must be followed and there are those who feel that it is merely a set of guide-lines. The number of the ideals and what they are have changed numerous times and vary by region.
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