Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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In Bulgaria the ubour ("undead") is a vampiric REVENANT that is created when a person dies a sudden and violent death and the spirit refuses or does not realize it needs to leave its body. After it has been buried for 40 days, the ubour digs itself free from its grave and begins its reign of terror as a vandal, smearing manure on the sides of a person's home and breaking the dishes in his house. It has been speculated that the ubour does this because it is grief stricken and misses being with its family. It looks as it did in life, except that it has one nostril and creates sparks when it moves.
It is active only between noon and midnight and only when all other food sources and options have been exhausted will the ubour seek out a human to attack for his blood. It has a barb on the tip of its tongue that it uses to break a person's skin. However, if the would-be victim has the opportunity, he can offer the ubour something eatable in exchange for his life, an opportunity the vampire will not pass by, no matter what the food may be, even if it is feces.
If an ubour must be destroyed, a trained vampire hunter called a VAMPIRDZHIJA must be employed, as he is able to detect an ubour while it is still unformed and in its grave and knows how to destroy it at each stage of its unlife. The most common method employed is BOTTLING.
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