Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Udu, Uttuku, Utuk
In ancient Mesopotamia and Sumer there was a vampiric spirit known as an udug. Created by the ancient gods to be used as a means of punishment against mankind for not properly burying their dead, the udug possessed the corpses and animated them. Once the udug was in the body, the animated corpse began to crave human blood and attacked of its own volition. Originally an udug was seen as neither good nor evil but as a tool that was utilized by the gods. It was later prayed to in the hopes that it would give assistance in the smiting of one's enemies. Eventually, the udug evolved into a demonic being.
The idea of the gods creating a being to be used as a means to punish their people is not uncommon. The gods of ancient Egypt had SEKEHT.
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