Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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In Russian lore, there is a type of vampiric REVENANT that is created whenever a witch or a heretic dies. It is called an upierczi. Like the UPIER, it is active between the hours of noon and midnight and also has a stinger under its tongue that it uses to pierce the skin of its human victims in order to drink their blood more easily. It too has the ability to cause severe droughts.
The upierczi must be destroyed in the same fashion as the UPIERCI, that is, by driving an aspen wood stake through its heart in a single blow while it is in its grave. Another method to destroy the upierczi is to burn it to ash, but just like with the upier, the upierczi will at some point explode into maggots, all of which must also be destroyed or else the vampire will return seeking revenge.
Source: Masters, Natural History of the Vampire, 101

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