Encyclopedia of Vampire Mythology

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Variations: Wiles, Vila, Vile
A vampiric spirit from Poland, a wili is created when a bride dies on her wedding day. Unable to find peace, the wili lingers on, suffering and unable to rest because it was denied the life it should have had. The wili returns looking like a ravishingly beautiful woman wearing a wet, white skirt. At midnight the wili appears on the roadside and will attempt to lure any man it sees into dancing with it. Those who give in to its temptations will become its victim, having their life-energy drained away (see ENERGY VAMPIRE). At dawn, the wili disappears.
Source: Beaumont, Ballet Called Giselle, 18­20; Creed, Monstrous-Feminine, 59; Perkowski, Vampires of the Slavs, 43; Summers, Vampire in Europe, 8

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